I will dedicate myself to you as your Fitness Coach. The V Force Fitness Team will make sure you go far beyond your goals.


Chase Savoie designs V Force Fitness Training Program and introduces the V Force Fitness Private Group on Facebook to help anyone from beginners to pros achieve their goals.

Chase qualified for the Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Competition, however, he decided to Exit the competition. Chase and his family were expecting there newborn baby Melani. Chase knew what that meant to his fiance and decided to stay home and focus on his family as well as himself.

Wings of Strength Chicago Pro: Men’s Physique – 5th place
Puerto Rico Pro: Men’s Physique – 3rd place
Europa Dallas: Men’s Physique – 3rd place
New York Pro: Men’s Physique – 5th place
Pittsburgh Pro: Men’s Physique – 7th place

Mr. Olympia Weekend: Men’s Physique – 12th place
Toronto Pro: Men’s Physique – 4th place
Puerto Rico Pro: Men’s Physique – 1st place
New York Pro: IFBB Pro Men’s Physique – 3rd place

Fort Lauderdale Cup: Men’s Physique – 6th place
Mr. Olympia Weekend: Men’s Physique – 14th place
Puerto Rico Pro: Men’s Physique – 1st place
New York Pro: Men’s Physique – 2nd place

National Championships (NPC): Men’s Physique Class C – 1st place/Earned Pro Card
Cajun Showdown: Men’s Physique Class B – 2nd place

IFBB North American Championships: Men’s Physique Class C – 9th place
NPC Europa SuperShow: Men’s Physique Class B – 2nd place
NPC Greater Gulf: Men’s Physique Class B – 4th place.


As a passionate and formidable American football player throughout his high school days, Chase’s passion for fitness dates back to his early teens. After leaving high school, he began working at a gym in his local area. This is when he was first introduced to weight training.

From then on, Chase aimed to build a muscular and shredded physique. Because of this, he began lifting weights regularly. Just months later, he was able to build significant muscle mass.By the time he reached 17, Chase was able to build an impressive physique through his hard work. However, he didn’t want to stop there.

It was at this point, Chase began to become more involved within fitness modeling. At the same time, he continued to maintain his intensive training routine day in and day out. This early success within his modeling career, gave chase even more motivation to improve his physique – aiming to look his best for more upcoming photo-shoots.

However, after making considerable progress in the weights room, Chase wanted to go a step further. This is when he set his sights on becoming a men’s physique competitor – providing him an opportunity to showcase his great physique on stage. Here’s Chase recalling the moment he realized that reaching the bodybuilding stage was his next step in life.


Chase has been designing the V Force Fitness Training Platform for years. As he slowly sculpted his body from amateur to Mr. Olympia Competitor status he kept track of every training program or nutrition plan that either worked for him or failed. Chase Savoie has the best V Tapered body in the Men’s Physique Bodybuilding Division. Chase has a focus and dedication to his family, his clients, the Savages, and himself. He has compiled all of his knowledge of nutrition, weightlifting, and bodybuilding into an incredibly easy to follow a program called V Force Fitness Powered by Chase Savoie. It does not matter if you are a beginner and looking to gain strength and lose weight or you are looking to become pro or already a pro wanting to get to the next level. The V Force Fitness Program will get you there quickly. Regenerate yourself, Reimagine who you are and V Force Fitness Powered by Chase Savoie will help you find a new vision of you.

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